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About Shimmy Bracelets

Who we are

We create colorful jewelry that reflects our love for the ocean and nature in general. When I talk about "we", I refer to my beautiful team of artists and silversmiths from Bali, Indonesia, who are the heart of Shimmy, and me as the founder. The women in Medewi, who craft every single bracelet with love, the silversmiths who always realize my design ideas for playful buttons, charms and stunning upcycled sea glass jewelry.

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Hi, I am Carolin.

From a hobby to empowering financially challenged women. It didn't take me long to realize the potential my hobby had when some women in Medewi village approached me curiously and asked how much I'd pay them for crafting a bracelet. Empowering women and helping the local community by creating and selling unique ocean jewelry just seemed right and is what Shimmy is still standing for today.

I moved Germany to Bali 11 years ago and still love the island, with all its beauty and flaws. I started with Shimmy Bracelets 6 years ago and developed my creative hobby into a beautiful fair brand. A creative mind and a wish to always give back were within me, but Bali gave me the inspiration to realize my visions.

As a surfer and mom, I find a lot of inspiration in the ocean and in my love for my children.

- Carolin, Founder of Shimmy Bracelets

# Socially responsible jewelry

Shimmy Bracelets was created to provide beautiful and colorful pieces of jewelry for adventurous girls and to empower women in the remote village of Medewi through arts and fashion. Every bracelet is handmade by a local woman, who isn't fortunate to have a regular job with a regular income. Every bracelet is FAIRLY PAID. By creating only 2 bracelets a day they can potentially earn the minimum wage in Indonesia.

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# High quality jewelry

We source all our material carefully and ethically. Our silver for our necklace is partly recycled 925 Sterling Silver to sustain natural resources. We heavy plate our gold-plated jewelry with an 18k gold layer of 3 microns. In addition, all, necklaces are finished with an anti-tarnish coating for extra protection.

Shimmy Surf Bracelets are waterproof and can be used in the water without taking them off, ever. The thread used is waxed and comes in colorful variations which definitely stay in salty water and under the hot sun. We chose colorful semi-precious healing stones or recycled glass beads to create various colors.

# Giving back

Creating jewelry and creating employment is not enough for me. Shimmy bracelet wasn't meant to be a business, it was meant to give back as much as possible. With the increasing popularity of our unique Bali jewelry, we were fortunate to find more opportunities to give back. A part of each bracelet purchased online is therefore used to support several projects of heart: community projects, animal welfare or nature conservation projects.

# Healing jewelry

The natural and colorful semi-precious gemstones used for every single bracelet not only give them a unique look. Also, the healing characteristics of some natural gemstones used are believed to provide good vibes to everybody wearing them. Happy wrists for happy girls!