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Shimmy Bracelets
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Unique Beach & Surf Jewelry

Handmade in Bali. Empowering women.

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Ocean inspired jewellery that empowers women

Each Shimmy bracelet is carefully crafted by local women in Bali, Indonesia. We provide fair job opportunities to mothers in a safe & comfortable working environment. Read more about our fair production and women empowerment story here.

Who is Shimmy?

Unique and waterproof surf bracelets

All Shimmy bracelets designs are inspired by nature and the ocean. Our Shimmy surf bracelets are made for beach and surfer girls, who never take of their jewelry, even while surfing. Therefore, we choose materials that last sun and salt water, such as natural gemstones, unique designed brass buttons and waxed string. The colors and button symbols are ocean inspired and perfectly reflect your salty soul!

Sustainable and empowering packaging

All our packaging is crafted by local craftsmen and craftswomen to fairly support local businesses. Only natural materials such as bamboo or eco-friendly cotton are used, providing protection and cute packaging at the same time - ready to gift them to your loved ones.