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Shiva Eye Shell Necklace - Jiwa

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Available sizes

Size: 18 inch (46 cm) necklace chain with 1,5 inch (4cm) extender.


The shiva eye is a one-of-a-kind gemstone. What is actually the operculum of an ocean snail's shell, carries many mysteries within. While some believe its swirl represents the flow of life and helps to reach new levels of consciousness, others believe it has the power to ward off nightmares. This shiva eye necklace is a beautiful piece of jewelry that reminds you of the ocean and brings out your inner mermaid. Place the shiva eye under the full moon to energize it!

Each necklace & pendant is handmade by our trusted silversmiths.


This necklace is only available in our shop in Germany and is limited! Therefore, we can only take orders from Europe. Check out our FAQ section to see the estimated shipping duration.

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