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Shell Necklace - Sumbawa

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Available sizes

Size: 18 inch (46 cm) necklace chain with 1,5 inch (4cm) extender.


Beautiful, unique and personal! Each shell has been collected at the west coast of the island of Sumbawa 3 years ago and has been carefully kept ever since. They are a beautiful reminder of a wonderful time and will be bringing this spirit to you! Two small Aquamarine stones are carefully added to each necklace - one at the front and one in the back - and give each a unique touch and a deeper meaning. The necklace comes in 2 variations matching your style and soul: *Rhodium vermeil over 925 Silver base, on a ball chain *925 Silver, on a classic chain Rhodium appears a bit darker than silver, but is the stronger finishing and more resistant to salt water!

Each necklace & pendant is handmade by our trusted silversmiths. The shell pendant has been attached through careful & unique wiring by our lovely women in Medewi, and comes with tiny semi-precious gemstone beads or chips.


This necklace is only available in our shop in Germany and is limited! Therefore, we can only take orders from Europe. Check out our FAQ section to see the estimated shipping duration.

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