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Sea glass rings & shell rings

Upcycled sea glass & seashell rings

Our sea glass rings are made with genuine sea glass collected at the beaches of Bali. To make our seahell rings, we choose to work with shiva eye shells only and only take what we need. We work with high quality 925 sterling silver, while some of our rings will be plated with a 3 micron gold plating of 18 karat.

Sea glass - A symbol of renewal and healing

Sea glass is formed when an old glass has been littered into the sea and is then formed by the waves, which crush the glass on a rocky shore - over and over again, until it receives the beautiful dough texture it is known for. Our beach glass rings are a beautiful reminder that life itself will create the most beautiful magic, we just need to be patient enough.

Shiva Shell Rings - A little word on the use of natural seashells

As we know that shells are part of the coastal ecosystem, we only collect what we really use for our jewelry. We choose to work with shiva shells only to create our shell rings, as they are left by sea snails after their passing and have no further use for coastal life - except for being processed into sand.

However, we don't work with cone shells as they provide a housing for a variety of coastal life, such as the hermit crab or small snails.

Shimmy Bracelets is a small business with very low production numbers. Some collections only have 10 or less pieces.